Knowing that success is in the details, Olive Vision maintains control over the entire production process, from field to consumer, and combines passionate craftsmanship with state-of-the-art science to produce a truly premium product.

According to soil,water and leaf analysis and with the guidance of a team of experts, we implement the best and safest methods of growing. We grow two of the finest Greek olive varieties: Manaki & Koroneiki and we implement a system of Integrated Management in Agricultural Production.

At the right stage of olive’s life circle, we begin harvesting. The olives are hand picked and the fruit is put into specialized plastic containers which allow the air to keep the fruit fresh at an acceptable temperature.

Our olives are pressed daily using the cold extraction method at 22°C for 35 minutes (Deluxe)and 25°C for 45 minutes (Monovarietal). The olive oil is stored in stainless steel containers at a constant temperature of 15°C and filling nitrogen.

Our final product is standardized by trained and certified personnel in a state of the art packaging and storing facility. In depth analysis reports for each variety and batch (Quality, Authenticity, Contamination) and Organoleptic assesment by a certified olive oil taste panel.

We follow the standard of ISO 22000:2005 (GR/067/ 2011-2). Our production facilities are certified and approved by the Greek government (EL 40 273).