Founded in 2011, Olive Vision is a fast growing company with expertise in producing premium Greek extra virgin olive oil . Olive Vision’s office is in Athens while olive groves and facilities are in Ermioni, Argolida. Bringing together a family’s passion for their olive grove and international marketing expertise, Olive Vision’s founders set out to offer consumers not just an excellent product, but a superior experience.Two of the best olive cultivars—Koroneiki and Manaki—are grown in the family grove in sunny, southern Greece, where they are harvested by hand and lovingly taken through a pressing and bottling process designed to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards, and to give the precious fruits the respect and attention they deserve. Determined to change the way extra virgin olive oil is perceived in the world market, Olive Vision created a premium product that is both a status symbol and a foodie’s delight. The company’s Moria Elea extra virgin olive oil has won numerous international awards for its taste and elegant packaging and Olive Vision continues on its mission to bring a taste of luxury to consumers worldwide.